Women Swallows Bullet in Hot Dog

A woman in California claims that she swallowed a bullet while eating a hot dog and bit on another. The lady was enjoying her Costco hot dog when she felt that something was wrong. At first she thought that it was her metal braces, but she investigated further and found that the cause of her discomfort was not her braces at all.

31-year-old Olivia Chanes was eating a Hebrew National hot dog at Costco store in Irvine, California. She felt some hard metal piece in her hot dog as she was chewing. Having determined that it was not her braces which were making her feel as if she was chewing metal, she examined the contents in her mouth and found a 9mm bullet.

Chanes called police who distributed the remaining stock of Hebrew National hot dogs searching for any other contaminants. No other contaminants were found in the hot dogs. It would appear that the only bullet to be found was in the hot dog being ateen by Olivia Chanes.

Olivia Chanes ordeal was not over, however. Chanes later had stomach pains and went to the hospital. An x-ray revealed that she had a bullet in her stomach. She showed her x-ray on local television which proved that she was true in her assertion that she had swallowed a bullet. The bullet must have been in the hot dog which she was eating.

The woman stated that she was glad she had ate the bullet rather than having it end-up in her stomach by getting shot.