You Can Attract Women Too – Just Stop Trying So Hard

Is attracting women less about being good looking, and more about mind-set?

Have you ever seen one of those guys who can just naturally go up and talk to a woman and suddenly, all of her attention is on him. Strangely enough, this guy is often nothing special (at least not to you) and you wonder what the heck he has that women find him so captivating. He just has a certain energy about him which exudes confidence. You may even say that he is an 'alpha male'.

Alpha Male

So what makes someone an 'alpha male'? The most accurate definition is probably that they have a very specific set of beliefs about themselves and about women. They fully believe that:

• Women like and find them attractive

• That they are entitled to meet attractive women

• That success with women is easy to achieve

Basically these men have a feeling of positive expectation which gives then a feeling of pleasure when being around women. Sure they may get returned sometimes but they do not let it get them down; they simply move on. You could say that these men have some sort of internal programming that just naturally helps them to be successful with women.

And actually, that is exactly right. It does basically come down to internal programming and their belief systems.

You Are Probably Programmed to Try to Attract Women

I'll bet when you were children your parents all taught you that you will never reach anything if you do not try. If at first you do not succeed …., there's no gain without pain etc. Some of us would call this 'swimming upstream' – spending effort which will very well lead us to waste a lot of our energy. This is what most men do when they are trying to attract women. Suddenly they feel as though they have to DO something to impress, to show off, or they feel that they need a tactic, often one another guy has told him to use because it works for him.

I'll bet you have also thought that in order to attract women, you need to be rich and well-dressed or that you needed to drive a sports car.


Get Into Alignment

What you actually need to do is get yourself in alignment with those thought patterns that alpha males posses.

In fact there is a vibrational version of everyone which reacts to every desire and starts moving towards it on a vibrational level, which then pulls your physical body towards it. This is what this feeling of elated expectation is that you feel just before something you really desire manifests. Here is the feeling of being downstream.

What is required of all of us is actually to relax enough so that we can be swept downstream, in other words, we need to learn to simply get out of our own way. There are plenty of programs and products you can try which work on your sub-conscious to shift some of the damaging beliefs you have about yourself and attracting women and if you have not woken up and realized this by now, the sub-conscious is where it is all at.

So next time you think about spending a lot of effort into attracting women, try to remember these words and spend some time aligning your mind instead. Action is really important, but only action that is in alignment.

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