Your Wedding Photographs Are Important!

To make sure you get the best wedding pictures possible, it is helpful to pick the best wedding photographer you can afford. Although there are many excellent wedding photographers in most towns, there are even more amateurs who claimed to be wedding photographers, simply because they have a digital camera and are free at the weekends. You should be very careful that you choose a true professional to take your wedding photos when getting married, and not a hobbyist.

The first thing you should do is ask to see previous examples of wedding photographs taken by your perspective photographer. When examining the pictures, be sure to do so with a critical eye. Make sure the pictures are actual wedding wedding photographs, rather than pictures posed by models. It is far easier to take a model-posed picture than is to take photographs of a real wedding. You should also ask to see printed photographs and not just online versions. If you notice all the pictures that your photographer shows you are taken outside, ask to see some indoor pictures as well. It could be that the photographer has purposely omitted to show you these, as indoor pictures may not be his strong point. In a dark church, it is vital that your photographer is able to get good shots and therefore you want to see as many previous wedding pictures as possible.

As well looking at examples of the photographer's work, you will have to have long conversations with him about your wishes, and make sure he is willing to comply with them even if it goes against its usual practices. Show him a selection of pictures of yourself that you have had taken in the past that you particularly like. This will allow him to see the angle you prefer to be photographed from, and also if you like natural pictures or prefer to pose.

Ask your wedding photographer about his equipment and if he plans on working with an assistant, or a second shooter. A professional wedding photographer will always turn up with two cameras, and sometimes even more. In the event that one malfunctions you will still have plenty of pictures because he will take shots of each scenario with both cameras. Sadly, many people ask a friend or relative to take their wedding pictures only to find that something went wrong with the camera, and the photos are lost. If your photographer will be using an assistant, make sure you have that final price quoted and that you are not charged more at the time of billing because the assistant was present.

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