Cupless Bra

For women with cup sizes, c cup or less (A, double A, triple A or B), there is a bra on the market that has some very good potential, believe it or not it is the cup less bra. Immediately I know a lot of women are thinking, oh my god they are for strippers and women of loose morals. But the strange thing is these bras offer a range of benefits for the wearer:

  1. It is a proven fact that when you feel good about the way you look, you naturally feel more self confident and better about yourself. The cup less bra can offer this, the bra offers a feeling of heightened sexual awareness, increased feelings of greater femininity and as a result women who wear these sorts of bras are more confident and more outgoing than normal. When you feel sexier, it shows in the way you interact with people, this is a huge benefit and should not be under estimated.
  2. A proper cup less bra can offer the smaller breasts support, generally a proper cup less bra has a highly supportive under breast band that is more than adequate to support the breasts. Most women have been surprised by the amount of support they have received when wearing such bra. Usually over a D cup or bigger is not normally recommended for use with these bras as the support band would not be effective enough, in these cases a demi or shelf bra is the usual choice.
  3. The cup less bra is quite suitable to be worn under a range of clothing, dresses and tops. White t shirts are or see through tops are not recommended wearing for these bras.
  4. From a purely sexual aspect, these bras do offer a very noticeable enhancement of the nipple area. Due to the design of these bras, the nipple area is enhanced and often seems more prominent for the wearer; in the right circumstances this can be highly beneficial.
  5. From a recent study of women who where asked to try the cup less bra, one of the major points that was raised was the comfort level. There was an overall high satisfaction rating for comfort. These bras allow the breasts to be held in a very natural way, coupled with the fact they where constricted with cups, most women rated them above cupped bras in term of comfort.
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Cris Collinsworth is shocked women understand NFL. 90m of us disagree

Cris Collinsworth spent time with some women this week. These women, it seems, asked some decent questions about football. They even sounded smart, maybe. And I guess it was all too much for Collinsworth. He was overcome. He had to share this mind-bending experience on national television.

Cris Collinsworth wearing a suit and tie: Photograph: Ron Jenkins/AP

© Provided by The Guardian
Photograph: Ron Jenkins/AP

“Everybody’s a fan,” the NBC commentator said during Wednesday afternoon’s Steelers-Ravens broadcast. “In particular the ladies that I met. They have really specific questions about the game. I’m like wow, just blown away.”

It’s possible that Collinsworth hasn’t been around too many women. Or if he has, he hasn’t been listening. Has he watched Hannah Storm and Andrea Kremer call Thursday Night Football? Has he taken note of anything Michele Tafoya’s said on the very broadcasts he’s worked for years? Either the answer is no, or he views those women as outliers. Yes: they’re talented, professional, knowledgeable as all hell about the sport they cover. And a lot of women – a lot of little girls, too – speak that same language.

Collinsworth’s comments discounted that. They were a thinly-veiled insult – but unlike a lot of the garbage that’s said on the airwaves, the core of the sentiment he relayed was true. Women are informed about sports, and interested in them – and that proves a very different point than the one Collinsworth was trying to make.

Related: NBC’s Collinsworth sorry after being ‘blown away’ that women understand NFL

Sexism is baked into much of the dialogue around sports. So is racism. And homophobia. If someone were to do an audit of all the millions of games broadcast on television and the radio each year, the transcripts would be a horror show. In August, Thom Brennaman uttered a slur and delivered a bizarre, homophobic statement on a hot mic in the middle of a Cincinnati Reds game. The next day, on an NBC broadcast from Canada, John Forslund discussed players’ ability to focus during the NHL’s playoff bubble, calling it “a terrific environment.” His partner, Mike Milbury, agreed and piled on: “Not even any woman here to disrupt your concentration.”

Cris Collinsworth wearing a suit and tie: Cris Collinsworth is one of the most prominent NFL analysts in the US.

© Photograph: Ron Jenkins/AP
Cris Collinsworth is one of the most prominent NFL analysts in the US.

Collinsworth’s comments paled in comparison to those. Both Brennaman and Milbury resigned in the wake of what they said. Collinsworth won’t, nor should he have to. The problem with his treatise on female fans was his tone, the abject wonderment in his voice, the fact that he thought it was worth noting at all. By pointing out that these women knew football, he fed into the stereotype that most don’t. These women are not exceptional. They are, increasingly, the norm. But sports media, especially in broadcast television, doesn’t come close to representing that reality.

As a woman in sports media, I’m happy to join the chorus of voices criticizing Collinsworth. He deserves to be mocked. And if I’ve learned one thing when faced with sexism on the

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Who have been the most influential women of 2020? FT readers respond

Every December, FT Weekend Magazine dedicates a special series to profiling some of the most influential women of the year from across the globe.

Of course our list isn’t exhaustive — each year there are far more women who deserve to be included than we can possibly fit. This is why we asked for your help in highlighting some of the game changers who have mattered to you in 2020.

This year we were delighted to receive hundreds of nominations, and we enjoyed reading about the women you felt had broken ground, coped with crises or brought attention to some of the most important issues of our time, whether in their community or at a national or international level.

Here is a selection of 12 game-changing women who FT readers thought stood out in 2020.


The world is beginning to realise that empathy is a necessary quality for leadership. New Zealand’s handling of the pandemic has also shut up the naysayers.


She understood quickly the possible consequences of Covid. That it was not flu. She managed to get her country on side in limiting the number of cases, and pretty much eradicating it in New Zealand. She did this by demonstrating a remarkable lack of hubris, unlike some other — mostly male — world leaders who showed the absolute opposite traits and, as a result, lack of success.

Richard in UK

Ozlem TUreci, chief medical officer, BioNTech

It’s such a beautiful story: two gifted immigrants [Türeci and husband Uğur Şahin] fell in love and are on course to have developed the first vaccine against the coronavirus, a truly global threat. And she is the chief scientist in the company that has developed it!

Ze Estevao

Özlem Türeci and Katalin Kariko of BioNTech — two of the crucial scientists behind the breakthrough of using mRNA to induce immune reactions. Their persistence over many years provides the world with a potential way out of the pandemic and a platform for tackling many other diseases.


kamala Harris, us vice president-elect

Navigated through a crowded field to emerge as the first woman on a winning American presidential ticket. First African-American in pole position for the presidency. Ran the second- largest justice department in the US, can sell tickets to her interrogations on the Justice committee and hasn’t lost who she is on the rise to power. She will be a crucial right hand in the incoming administration.

— Edwina

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, belarusian politician

The election campaign in Belarus almost ended before it began, with three key opposition leaders jailed before the election day. Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, one of the leader’s wives, was allowed to run on her husband’s collected signatures and, essentially, out of pity. In an unexpected turn of events, she united with two female leaders of the other candidates’ teams, and formed a trio which lifted the country out of political slumber and gave people hope.

Roman Faminou


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Is there formaldehyde in my skin and beauty products?

A client gets a hair-straightening treatment known as the Brazilian Blowout. High levels of formaldehyde used in the original treatment has caused concern, both for stylists and their clients.

A client gets a hair-straightening treatment known as the Brazilian Blowout. High levels of formaldehyde used in the original treatment has caused concern, both for stylists and their clients.

AP file

Most people know formaldehyde as a chemical commonly found in cigarettes, some building materials and used as an embalming fluid.

What you might not know is that this colorless chemical compound could also be lurking in your beauty and skin care products.

See how formaldehyde can affect your skin, how to spot it on an ingredient label and which formaldehyde-free skin care products are my favorites.

What is formaldehyde and why is it used in skin care?

Formaldehyde is a naturally occurring gas that consists of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon. Because of its effectiveness as a preservative, liquid formaldehyde is used in a variety of products, including some skin and beauty items.

When inhaled in its gaseous form, formaldehyde is a known carcinogen and can cause a number of adverse health effects.

As more information has become available about the risks of using formaldehyde in personal care products, some big brands have stopped using this ingredient as a preservative in their products. However, many others continue to use it.

The European Union has banned formaldehyde-releasing ingredients in skin and beauty products.

Formaldehyde and skin allergy

In both its gaseous and liquid form, formaldehyde is a known skin allergen and can cause contact dermatitis even at low-exposure levels.

If you are struggling with a skin allergy, consider checking your products for formaldehyde-containing and formaldehyde-releasing ingredients, many of which are included in this list from the Environmental Working Group:

DMDM hydantoin

Imidazolidinyl urea

Diazolidinyl urea


Bronopol (2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3-diol )



Formaldehyde can also be found in nail polish, eyelash glues, soaps, hair products, shampoos, lotions and many other personal care products. So be sure to check the ingredient lists on all of the products in your daily routine if you think formaldehyde could be at the root of your skin allergy.

How to find formaldehyde-free skin care products

There are plenty of formaldehyde-free skin care products out there — you just have to sift through ingredient labels. Avoid the ingredients listed above when choosing new skin care products. If you’re not sure about a particular product, ask your dermatologist for formaldehyde-free recommendations for your skin type.

For more skincare tips and tricks, be sure to follow Baumann Cosmetic on YouTube, or follow @BaumannCosmetic on Instagram or Facebook.

Source Article

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Alec Kesheshian Revolutionizes the Fashion Industry With God’s Dream

MELROSE AVENUE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 3, 2020 / Brilliant ideas and remarkable vision are brought to life when they are sparked with passion, dedication, and grit. No matter how skilled and talented an individual is, the ultimate realization of a dream will always boil down to determination, drive, and discipline. And as someone who believes in the value of hard work and perseverance, Alec Keshishian, the esteemed founder of God’s Dream, shares with the world how he was able to reach the summits of success through his diligent efforts.

Although he has already made his mark on the industry, Alec Keshishian would always look back on his stark beginnings to remind himself of his mission, igniting creativity and promoting individuality. And for this reason, his clothing line is all about celebrating uniqueness and stirring confidence. With designs that speak volumes about his vision, God’s Dream is making significant strides towards the forefront of the fashion industry.

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, the world had to impose health guidelines and take serious precautions. But before the pandemic resulted in international travel bans, Alec Kesheshian decided to unwind and take a trip to the Amalfi Coast and bask in its glory. He initially planned this escapade to experience the tight-knit nightlife and break away from his Bel Air roots. However, he stumbled upon something more valuable than peace and relaxation. Because of this trip, the visionary found the inspiration to build a high-quality fashion line.

According to Alec Keshishian, it was impactful and empowering to walk on the grounds where some of the most celebrated fashion houses in the world originated. With the time he spent in Milan, he found himself sampling premium fabrics and creating design flats for his production company. He then felt heavily inspired to bring such a world-class level of craftsmanship back to Los Angeles and start a brand that would bring people together.

Going back to the United States, Alec Keshishian brought out his creative flair and built God’s Dream-a revolutionary lifestyle clothing company grounded on utopian ideals. And proving to be unstoppable at his game, he developed a cut-and-sew line and within the span of a few months. On top of that, he also opened a brick-and-mortar store on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.

In an interview, Alec Keshishian shared that it took him a lot of failures before he finally created a successful venture. He admitted that those rejections left him feeling defeated and discouraged. But instead of wallowing in despair, the determined fashion designer tried to pick himself back up and pursued his dreams with a stronger and more resilient mindset. Had he given up on his creative endeavors, he would not have shaped God’s Dream into the empire that it is today.

More than just a clothing brand, God’s Dream is a lifestyle that aims to provide individuals with a voice. Alec Keshishian believes that his designs help people express themselves through creativity, boldness, and ingenuity. And as someone who has

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Patient Monitor Equipment and Accessories Market Emerging Trends, Business Enlargement Plans Forecast 2020-2026

The MarketWatch News Department was not involved in the creation of this content.

Dec 04, 2020 (Market Insight Reports) —
A recent report provides crucial insights along with application based and forecast information in the Global Patient Monitor Equipment and Accessories Market. The report provides a comprehensive analysis of key factors that are expected to drive the growth of this market. This study also provides a detailed overview of the opportunities along with the current trends observed in the Patient Monitor Equipment and Accessories market.

With increasing cases of obesity all over the globe, a need for conducting an in-depth study about this healthcare issue led to the development of this report. Increasing binge eating and consumption of junk foods, neglect towards regular exercise, rising levels of stress, are key market drivers. The report discusses more information about these subjects, with a focus on the rising need for Patient Monitor Equipment and Accessories.

Download Sample –

A quantitative analysis of the industry is compiled for a period of 10 years in order to assist players to grow in the market. Insights on specific revenue figures generated are also given in the report, along with projected revenue at the end of the forecast period. With healthcare being a sensitive topic, a separate analysis is included that discusses the widespread continuing obesity all over the globe consequently increasing demand for surgical devices.

Companies and Manufacturers Covered

The study covers key players operating in the market along with prime schemes and strategies implemented by each player to hold high positions in the industry. Such a tough vendor landscape provides a competitive outlook of the industry, consequently existing as a key insight. These insights were thoroughly analyzed and prime business strategies and products that offer high revenue generation capacities were indentified. Key players of the global Patient Monitor Equipment and Accessories market are included as given below:

3M Health Care
Abbott Laboratories
Aerotel Medical Systems
Bayer Healthcare
Beckman Coulter
Bio-Med Devices Incorporated
Boston Scientific Corporation
BPL Healthcare Business Group
Omron Corporation
Datascope Corporation
Formosa Biomedical Technology Corporation
Fukuda Denshi
GE Healthcare
Honeywell Hommed
Innomed Medical
Philips (Invivo Corporation)
Lifescan Incorporated
Masimo Corporation
Midmark Corporation
Nihon Kohden Corporation
OSI Systems Incorporated
Philips Healthcare
Rossmax International
Schiller AG
Siemens Healthcare

Following are the segments covered by the report are:
Patient Monitor Equipment
Patient Monitor Accessories
By Application:
Disease Center

Download Full Report –

Reasons to Purchase this Report:

  • Estimates Patient Monitor Equipment and Accessories development trends with SWOT analysis
  • Detailed business profiles including product offerings, recent developments, key financial information, and strategies employed by main market players
  • Analysis of various regions and countries that includes the demand and supply based actions, which consequently have a major influence on the market’s expansion
  • Market dynamics and opportunities for growth for players in the near future
  • Competitive landscape describing the Patient Monitor Equipment and Accessories market revenue shares of key players.
  • Market segmentation analysis that deals with quantitative and
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Here Are The Most Talked About Toys Of The Year And Where To Get Them

The holidays may be a little subdued this year because of the Coronavirus pandemic, with social gatherings and interactions with our loved ones kept to a minimum. Our little ones are still looking forward to something though: toys. And, with everything that has happened in 2020, we think that giving kids a tiny bit of happiness through gift-giving is a joy unto itself.  

So what’s hot in 2020? Surprise toys are still in demand and so is Baby Yoda. (Who wouldn’t want to play with the cutest Force-sensitive baby this side of the galaxy?) Nintendo is making headlines with record Switch sales and their influence is even spilling over to the brick-building genre with the LEGO Super Mario set. Here are some of the most anticipated toys of the year and where to find them:


hottest-toys-2020-barbie-dreamplane Barbie Dreamplane playset. Photo: BestBuy

To many, Barbie is synonymous with fun and whimsy. It’s the ultimate brand when it comes to dolls and with the Barbie Dreamplane Playset, you can let your young storyteller’s imagination take flight. The two-seater cabin opens up to reveal over 15 in-flight elements, including luggage space, a dining cart and other passenger amenities. This Barbie Dreamplane playset includes a puppy figure for those who just can’t live without their precious pooch. With travel restricted this year, it would be nice to get your kids looking forward to traveling to other parts of the world again soon.

Order the Barbie Dreamplane Playset from Best Buy. 


hottest-toys-2020-myla-the-magic-unicorn Myla The Magic Unicorn. Photo: BestBuy

VTech has long been known as a maker of popular kid’s toys and they’ve certainly not disappointed this year. Its most popular character, Myla The Magical Unicorn, is one of the hottest toys of the year with it being sold out in many store shelves. The magical butterfly wand on Myla’s wings, horn and eyes come in a variety of colors, and she talks, sings and gives children positive reinforcement. Your kid can sing hours of duets with Myla by holding the microphone near her mouth. It certainly won’t hurt for your child to get a daily dose of encouragement after such a tough year. 

Order Myla The Magical Unicorn from Best Buy.


hottest-toys-2020-the-child Baby Yoda a.k.a. The Child. Photo: BestBuy

Disney’s hit show The Mandalorian is seen by many fans as a return to form for the franchise. It follows a lone warrior dubbed “Mando” in his exciting adventures across the galaxy. Along the way, he gains a cute sidekick in the form of an infant who is the same species as Jedi Grand Master Yoda. Referred to as The Child, but affectionately called Baby Yoda by the show’s fans, he has become one of the recognizable characters in the whole Star Wars universe. This plush figure has a sculpted vinyl head and a soft bean-filled body that measures 11 inches.

Order Star Wars: The Child plus toy from Best Buy.


hottest-toys-2020-lego-super-mario LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Starter Course. Photo: BestBuy

This LEGO Mario Kart starter course let’s you build

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The Best Wellness And Self-Care Gifts For Travelers

While it’s always been a necessary part of a balanced and healthy life, wellness and self-care proved has proven to be even more important in times of acutely high stress – just like this year.

So ahead, ten ways (listed in alphabetical order) to give the gift of wellness this holiday season. Not only is everything in this guide suitable for all genders and lifestyles, when the time is right again – will make perfect travel companions as well.

Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics Natural CBD Cream Kit, $230

While CBD is wonderfully versatile and healing on its own, Montreal-based chiropracter Dr. Andrew Kerklaan realized how much more potent it is when paired with other proven ingredients. The Natural CBD Sleep Cream in this holiday bundle, for example, is formulated with melatonin and lavender, in addition to full-spectrum CBD, for a calming sensation.

Equilibria Peace of Mind Gift Set, $79

From the groundbreaking, women-owned CBD company comes this limited-edition set. Elegantly packaged in a limited-edition pouch by artist Patricia Vargas, it holds a bottle of delicious Cranberry Elderflower-flavored Daily Drops (with 300mg of CBD), and a duo of functional, naturally-scented CBD roller oils (Calming and Energizing).

Happy Dance Bath Bomb, $15

Founded by actress Kristen Bell, Happy Dance is a CBD-focused line that’s affordable and uplifting in ways more than one. And the company’s bath bomb – which contains four break-apart cubes infused with hydrating coconut oil and zesty ginger extract for four soaks – makes an especially thoughtful stocking stuffer.

Hello Products 12 Days of Awesomeness, $19.99

Unlike skincare and haircare – where new products are constantly popping up – dental care has been limited and dull. But Hello Products, founded by Craig Dubitsky, is poised to change all that with its with natural and wallet-friendly toothpastes, flosses, and rinses. This bundle is a wonderful way to introduce someone to the brand.

Knesko Skin Luxe Face Mask Kit, $99

While precious gems and stones have long been admired for their beauty, turns out: they can do wonders for your complexion as well. Knesko enlists a proprietary GEMCLINICAL® technology that locks in the skin-healthy properties of diamonds, gold, rose quartz, and black pearl with other proven ingredients, and this sleek kit lets you indulge in all of the brand’s cult collagen face masks.

Kush Queen Flight of Gummies, $149.99

There’s no shortage of CBD companies out there, but Kush Queen by Olivia Alexander was among the first to destigmatize the natural workhorse ingredient by offering approachable and of course, effective products in 2015. Gummies are one of the most popular ways to enjoy CBD, and this trio of gummies (Gummies Rx, Gummies Rx Bliss, Gummies Rx Sleep) not only tastes great, but offers targeted relief.

Lunair Wellness LA Mask in Paradise, $10

Since masks are a must for the foreseeable future, why not wear one that’s

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Rangers surge through in style but Dundalk lose again

Scott Arfield’s goal ensured Rangers progressed to the last 32 of the Europa League with a 3-2 victory over Standard Liège. Steven Gerrard’s side fell behind in the sixth minute at Ibrox to a close-range goal from Maxime Lestienne but hit back to equalise with a Connor Goldson header in the 39th minute.

a person holding a football ball on a field: Photograph: Jane Barlow/PA

© Provided by The Guardian
Photograph: Jane Barlow/PA

Related: Arsenal and Lacazette thrive on fans’ energy in stylish rout of Rapid Vienna

Rangers enjoyed parity for barely a minute before Duje Cop put the away side back in front, again from close range. There was still time in the first half for James Tavernier to make it 2-2, the captain scoring his ninth penalty of the season after Kemar Roofe’s shot was handled. The second half had less goalmouth action before Arfield got on the end of Ryan Kent’s cut-back in the 63rd minute to secure the win for Rangers.

In the other match in Group D Benfica beat Lech Poznan 4-0 at Estádio da Luz to draw level with Rangers on 11 points and make sure of their place in the knockout stages. Rangers will top the group with their superior head-to-head record as long as their result in Poznan at least matches that of Benfica in Liège in the final round of fixtures.

Video: 2-2: Castilla pick up point away at Poblense (Real Madrid)

2-2: Castilla pick up point away at Poblense



In Group B Dundalk equalled an unwanted Europa League record by losing their fifth group game against Molde. The 3-1 defeat means the Irish side are yet to pick up a point and have made the joint worst start to a campaign in Europa League history.

The breakthrough for the Norwegians came on the half-hour mark when Birk Risa’s cross from the left was cleverly headed in by Magnus Wolff Eikrem. Dundalk were made to pay again 11 minutes later for not stopping Risa getting balls in, this time Ohi Omoijuanfo on the end of the cross to nod in from close range.

The hosts had a penalty appeal turned down for handball and were denied by a fine double save from Gary Rogers but they did get a third in the 67th minute when Martin Ellingsen headed in from a corner at the far post. They should have had a fourth, too, but substitute Mathis Bolly hit a post late on and Dundalk at least had the consolation of scoring the best goal of the night when Jordan Flores lashed a long-range shot into the top corner in stoppage time.

Roma secured top spot in Group A with a 3-1 home win against Young Boys thanks to goals from Riccardo Calafiori, Borja Mayoral and the former Manchester City forward Edin Dzeko. Jean-Pierre Nsame had put Young Boys into the lead in the 34th minute before Mayoral’s equaliser just before half-time. With 14 minutes gone in the second half Calafiore’s spectacular equaliser, a left-footed shot that

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Maine Wedding Infected 177 People With COVID-19, and Killed 7 People Who Weren’t Even Guests!

A Maine wedding reception of 55 people left more than half of its guests infected with COVID-19, affecting a total of 176 people despite Maine’s current public health guideline of a 50-person limit for indoor gatherings. Seven people have already died, but what’s more disturbing is that they did not even attend the wedding.

The management of Big Moose Inn, where the wedding was held, said that they misinterpreted the state’s 50-person cap for indoor events. “We did make an error in the interpretation of that rule,” the management said in a statement. “Our interpretation was that we could take a wedding party of more than 50 persons, and split them between two rooms as long as it didn’t exceed our total capacity or a specific room’s capacity.”

How Did It Spread So Far and So Fast?

According to Dr. Nirav Shah, the director of the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention, one of the guests who attended the event infected their parents, who then infected one of their children, who infected their co-workers. All of these events happened within a span of 2 ½ weeks.

Outbreaks at the Maplecrest Rehabilitation and Living Center and the York County Jail were connected to the wedding after one staff member from each facility was found to have attended the event. The York County Jail, which is 200 miles away from the wedding reception, now has 80 cases confirmed while 39 people from the rehabilitation center have tested positive.

Health officials have traced cases linked to the wedding throughout August, with 24 cases initially. By the end of the month, it grew to 123 cases and by September 3, the recorded number was at 143.

Maine has recorded 4,415 COVID-19 cases since the beginning of the pandemic, with an average of 29 per day. The US has had 11.3 million cases of COVID-19 to date, with 247,000 deaths and counting.

Mass Gatherings: How Many is Too Many?

Social distancing has been a key phrase in the past months, being the most important factor in preventing the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak. However, despite social distancing measures, other factors come into play, such as how susceptible we are to infection, the frequency of contact we have with people, and the duration of those contacts.

Respiratory infections appear to be the most common infectious disease transmitted during gatherings. The World Health Organization has advised governments to seriously consider postponing any gathering that brings people together, potentially amplifying the virus through close contact.

And while everyone wants to know what exact number of people is too many, what really matters is keeping gatherings small and considering the social dynamics that may be involved in the crowd. The sheer size of the group is not the only factor to consider; for example, small groups of five people can be as risky as a big event with 100 people. There is no magic number that we can consider safe for gatherings, but reducing the amount of contact

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