Dressing Kids Nicely on a Budget

The best clothes for your children are not always the most costly ones. You can buy affordable clothes at thrift stores, yard sales and online auctions. Use these ideas to dress your kids nicely on a budget.

Bring the kids. Always try to shop with the kids along, so you can be sure whether the clothes fit them right and not waste money. Try on the clothing and see if it suits them well. Consider the following – your kid’s clothes should match their height, body type, activity level, and personal taste. Also think about the occasion and the weather the clothes would be worn in.

Buy good quality clothes.  You can tell the quality of the clothes just by looking at how the fabric is made. Is it tatty?  Does it have bumps in some areas? How perfect is the cut? Ensuring that the clothing has a long life will reduce the later cost of replacing them as they wear out.

Buy in volume.  To save money, try to buy clothing separates in bulk. Just be certain that eventually the items will get worn. Think about buying a larger size so that kids who grow quickly may still be able to wear them.

Look for bargains. Discounted clothing prices can be found at various stores when they have sales. You can buy clothes cheaply in off-season sales. Buy these a size larger than what your child currently wears so they will have grown into it when the season does come. Often, consignment stores will have stocks of items people have sold because they no longer liked them. This means they will still be in good order, sometimes with the original tag still on… so look for something your children can wear. This of course also goes for yard sales, eBay and opportunity or thrift stores.

Purchase classic things.  Trendy fashion clothing is dearer and quickly gets replaced with newer trends.  Seek classic, timeless items that your kids can wear over and over and still look stylish. Just add fashionable accessories to the ensemble to freshen up their looks.

Learn to sew kids’ clothes. There are many benefits to constructing your own clothes for your children. For one thing, you know they will fit really well. You can copy make copies of expensive designer trends using cheaper materials. In addition, you can sew clothes that the kids design through their own efforts. Finally, it can be far more inexpensive than purchasing store-made goods. The only con is that you must invest your own time, talent, and effort. In addition, consider showing your kids that they can stitch together clothing for themselves. This will take some creativity and patience! They may enjoy being useful and clever at the same time.

It’s a practical decision to supply your children with clothes inexpensively. If you spend less money on clothing, you can spend more on toys, vacations, or other things that you want. Enjoy being thrifty!…

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The Best and Worst Wedding Dates of the Year

The wedding date you select can have a larger impact than you may realize on the event. Certain dates may mean a poor turn-out or higher prices, while other dates can mean that everyone shows up ready for a great party. Check out the best and worst wedding dates of the year before you set the date for your nuptials.

Certain wedding dates are almost completely off-limits. Those include Christmas day, Thanksgiving, and Easter Sunday. Hold your wedding on any of those days, and you may well find that you and your groom are the only ones in attendance! If a holiday weekend is the only time that your whole family will be in one place, you might have to consider scheduling your nuptials within a couple of days of those taboo dates; just be aware that many people on your guest list will be unable to attend. The chances are that they will be spending those precious holidays with their own close family members, and even those who could come come decide not to when they see how much airline tickets cost over Thanksgiving weekend!

There is another holiday, however, that people think is so romantic for weddings, which in fact can have some serious drawbacks. That would be Valentine's Day. What is wrong with a Valentine's Day wedding? For one thing, the flower prices can soar around February 14th, particularly for roses. You will also find it more difficult to get dinner reservations on your anniversary for the rest of your lives together. Moreover, many couples prefer to celebrate Valentine's Day having a romantic dinner for two, not attending a wedding. Last but not least, having a wedding on Valentine's is a lot of pressure to come up with the most romantic wedding ever.

The next worst possible wedding date is Superbowl Sunday. About half the men on the guest list will flat out refusal to attend, and the other half will be resentful about having been dragged to your wedding while the big game is on. A lot of the women will feel the same way! When you walk down the aisle, all eyes should be upon you in your fabulous dress and wedding jewelry, but if you wed during the Superbowl, most of the guests will be checking out the game score on their mobile devices. Almost as bad is hosting a wedding during an NFL playoff game; just do not do it!

Some dates are really fun for weddings. If you really want to ensure a great party atmosphere for your reception, host it on New Year 'Eve. That is one day of the year when everyone is in the mood to celebrate and have fun. You will also find that guests are especially eager to wear their most fabulous outfits and festive wedding jewelry on New Year's Eve. It would be the perfect date for a black tie wedding.

Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends can also be ideal wedding dates. The majority of …

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Women Being Men

As a life coach, the # 1 problem I see women make in relationships is: WOMEN BEING MEN.

Are you dragging your man around?

I was out to dinner one night with my girlfriend, Tammy. As we were leaving the restaurant, she casually mentioned, "I'm dragging Steve to see The Way of the Peaceful Warrior with me tomorrow night."

It appeared she was using her masculinity to initiate, organize and "drag" her boyfriend to the movie. My Queen instinct felt an imbalance.

We women spend an intense amount of our time DOING, which is using masculine energy. We are so highly involved in the masculine activities of working, accomplishing, money making, providing, protecting, problem solving, etc., that we get used to surviving and even succeeding in the masculine mode. Our masculine abilities serve us well at work or with young kids, not in romance.

We are taught to revere, trust and even idolize the masculine, action-oriented way of doing life. The result is, we have gotten out of practice at being feminine, and we have also lost our faith in its power and purpose.
The truth is …

Men are great at being Kings all on their own. A King is not attracted to his Queen's masculine side.

So when a woman is masculine with her man (initiating / directing / conquering) OR if she plays mommy with her man (providing / protecting him like he's a child) a man has 2 options:

1) to have like he is in competition with another man or

2) to be weakened like a little boy or

Back to the story …

Well sure enough, I got a call at 6:30 pm on Friday from Tammy, inviting ME to see the movie with her.

I asked, "What had happened to your boyfriend?" She shared a variety of unpleasant exchanges that occurred between them … everything from him saying he could not go "because he had to work late," to "maybe he could", "okay, hurry up and get ready and let's go. "

After the passive-aggressive rollercoaster ride, her joy was completely lost in sharing the movie experience with him. (Not to mention the irony that the movie was called, The Peaceful Warrior!)

When a woman is masculine with her man, she can expect him to be competitive or resentful. The results that occur are that men will ever look elsewhere or give up and shut down emotionally.

A man will resent the woman who he thinks disempowered him. He typically can demonstrate this with his anger or withholding himself from his woman or domineering over her. We see Tammy's boyfriend did all of the above.

# 1 Answer for a Woman's Success in Romance:

When you want to have chemistry with a man, DO NOT BE A MAN!

Our role as Queens is to be a powerful, feminine, confident and a successful counterpart to our King (or the King you're wanting to attract!) Femininity includes being insightful, creative, spiritual, intuitive, receptive, non-linear .. …

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5 Smart Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

Summer always comes with the heat and increasingly rising utility bills. It is not affordable for everyone to pay air conditioning bills and enjoy the cool breeze even when the sun is at its best. High electricity cost can put an unbearable stress on your wallet. However, your worries are over now because every cloud has a silver lining. This means you can beat the summer heat and enjoy all the good things about summer without spending too much on air conditioning. What follows are some simple tips and inexpensive accessories that can help you figure a better solution

1. Get some indoor plants

There are certain indoor plants that keep the air around them cool and fresh. Plants use a process called photosynthesis where they use sunlight and water in order to grow and survive. This process makes plants consume energy or heat present in the surroundings. Have you ever feel that space around a bunch of trees is often colder than normal? It is because plants absorb heat from the air which leads to a more healthy environment.

2. Shade your windows

We know that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Windows facing those direction can take in a lot of direct sunlight which can turn your house into a toasty space where it is hard to breathe and stay comfortable. To prevent this, keep the east and west facing windows shaded during the day so that shades can block the sunlight.

Installing blackout curtains is also a good idea because curtains not only block the heat but also make your place look visually appealing. So, don’t forget to cover the sunny side of your windows and doors. It will keep the temperature of your place low and bearable. Besides, open the shade and take off the curtain at night so that fresh air can pass through.

3. Make a good use of your basement

In most of the buildings, the basement is the coldest part. It would be a good idea to use basement a lot for all kinds of activities. In summer, basement provides a cool environment to spend some good family time. If you haven’t yet established your basement, make efforts to make it more liveable. Summer heat is probably a good reason why you should finish up your basement and make it a better hang out room for the summer. This will also add value to your home.

4. Wear breathable clothes

It is really important to wear breathable clothing in order to stay cool in the summer heat. High-quality summer clothing is generally designed to be breathable. Most of the workwear gears are made to keep the wearer cool. Linen, for example, is made out of the flax plants. The linen fibers come directly from the stalk of the plant.

5. Use cooling pillows

Heat can make it really difficult to get a sound sleep. This is where cooling mattresses and pillows come into play and help us …

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Help, My TI-83 / Ti-84 Won’t Graph

It’s 8 o’clock at night. Dinner is over. You’re sitting down to watch a movie or Monday Night Football — and then it happens . . . “Mommmmmmmmm (or Daddddddddddd), my calculator isn’t working. I have to turn in my math homework tomorrow, and my graph isn’t showing up.”

“This can’t be so bad”, you think. “I passed high school math. Heck, I even installed the Quicken Accounting System at work. How complicated can a calculator be?”

The last time you looked at your child’s TI-83 or TI-84 was in August at the office superstore; it was in the front of a shopping cart with on top of a pile three ring binders and notebook paper. It didn’t look so bad then, but now you take a closer look and there are all kinds of keys you never saw before on a calculator. At the bottom is something familiar — a normal looking array of number keys, and at the right are the usual add, subtract, multiply, and divide keys. But what the heck are “MODE”, “DEL”, “STAT”, “ZOOM”, “TRACE”, etc. ? What are you going to do? Who ya gonna call?


Here are a couple of really simple things to do; but remember, the title of this article is “Help, My TI-83 / Ti-84 Won’t Graph”, and that is really all that is addressed in this article.

The Graphing Buttons

Look at the top row of buttons on the TI-83/TI-84 calculator. There should be five of them, set apart from the other buttons; and they should have the following labels:

      [Y=]   [WINDOW]   [ZOOM]   [TRACE]   [GRAPH]

This is where all of your activity is going to take place.

The Three Major Problems

Most of the time when a graph is not displaying, there are three reasons:

  1. Graph Function.The graph function is not entered properly, or not entered at all.
  2. Graph Not Turned On. The graph function is entered properly, but graphing is not turned on.
  3. Viewing Window. The viewing window for the function is set to the wrong size or location.

We will deal with these one at a time.

Check that the Graph Function is Entered Properly

Push the [Y=] key at the top of the calculator. This puts you into the Y= editor screen. You should see a screen that looks something like this:

Plot1 Plot2 Plot3

Y1= 2X+1






The expression “2X+1” is just an example, but you need to see some kind of expression in the Y= editor screen, not just a bunch of blank “Y=” lines. If all you see is the following, then you need to add an expression:

Plot1 Plot2 Plot3







If you want to try a really simple expression to make sure that the calculator can plot, use “Y1=X”. This should plot a nice 45 degree line directly through the origin of the graph screen.

Check that the Graph Function is Turned On

It is possible that graphing of the …

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Bomber Jackets – Fashionable Functionality

Bomber jackets were originally designed with functionality in mind. Pilots in WWI needed something to keep them warm while they flew at freezing high altitudes. They were immortalised in fashion when Tom Cruise wore one in the movie Top Gun. Every man, woman and child wanted one as they epitomised the virtues of suave and cool. Bomber jackets cave wearers an edgy, intrepid-adventurer look. It's doubtable that many slaves of fashion gave any thought to the fact that their latest acquisition saved the lives and limbs of countless airmen in both world wars.

Aeroplane cockpits in WWI were not closed as they are today. It was clear that pilots needed something to prevent them from being frozen to death or losing limbs to hypothermia as temperatures could go as low as -50 degrees Celsius. In an effort to resolve the problem the US Army established an Aviation Clothing Board. In 1917 they started distributing heavy-duty, fur-lined leather flying jackets. On the opposite side of the Atlantic, the British Royal Air Force was trying to come up with a solution of their own. It was only in 1926 that Leslie Irvin found a solution when he designed a sheepskin flying jacket that was immediately snapped up by the RAF.

While they have kept the classic look and style of traditional bomber jackets, modern designs have been tailor to fit modern men. In general, men were smaller in the 20s and 30s than they are now. They were thinner and did not have the V-shaped bodies that define today's fit young airmen. The shoulders in particular have had to be broadened to fit modern physiques.

In the late 80s and early 90s, the period after Top Gun, bomber jackets were at their peak fashion-wise. Their popularity is slowly declined after that, with only bomb die-hards keeping them in the front of their cupboards. But they are expected to make a comeback, as fashion fundis predict their resurgence in autumn and winter of 2007/2008.

The prospective trend is borne out by the fact that some of the hottest celebrities have been spotted out and about wearing bomber jackets. While it's doubtable whether Tom Cruise will be able to lead the fashion trend again due to his steadily declining cooling factor, Johnny Depp is more than capable of taking over. While it must be acknowledged that Johnny could make plastic rubbish bags look like haute couture, his appearance in a bomber jacket is enough to send hordes scuttling to the nearest retro shop.

Nowadays the jackets are made from a range of materials ranging from traditional leather to silk and synthetics such as nylon. They are even available in metallic colors, as opposed to the traditional black or brown. Those in the know say that they can be worn with tailored shirts and skinny ties: a trend that is sure to amuse war veterans. It seems that however you choose to wear them, they will always carry the air of a maverick.

Recommended sites: …

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Advice For Creating an eBay Business

We’ve all heard the success stories about people who have created an eBay account and struck it rich. Then there are tales about business owners who have doubled, tripled and even quadrupled or more their annual sales using this online marketplace.

Are these stories true? Or, are they just tall tales?

The stories are absolutely true. With shoppers and sellers coming from all over the world, the eBay site is one of the busiest on the Internet. Millions of people peruse its pages looking for buys every day of the week. The variety and quality of items found through this marketplace are also amazing. From regular yard sale type merchandise to brand new collectibles, electronics, clothing and more, this site is a shopper’s paradise.

The advantages of using eBay as a sole sales tool or to augment another outlet, such as an actual storefront, are amazing. The simple fact of the matter is that no single physical location can hope to offer the kind of traffic potential eBay does. Sellers here are exposed to buyers from all over the world, 24 hours a day. Those doing the selling even have the option of listing their goods at auction or setting outright prices. There’s never a reason to feel like it’s necessary to let products go for less than what they’re worth when this site is used. Still, it is important to remember that eBay users generally are looking for a bargain. Many, however, are more than willing to pay top dollar for rare or hard-to-find items.

Getting started with creating an eBay business is actually rather easy. All that’s necessary is a desire to get going, products to sell and a basic understanding of a computer and using the Internet. The overhead is practically nonexistent and the need to have a store manned by employees isn’t necessary to be a success in this arena.

Business owners and others that wish to augment income will find eBay is fairly easy to dive into. Whether it’s single listings or a full online store, a little know how about the site is also important. For example, eBay functions as a “community.” This means members talk and they share information about buyers and sellers. Feedback ratings here are somewhat akin to working with a Better Business Bureau in a city. If the reports are good, sales likely will be, too. If they aren’t, it could be time to move on.

Once a shop is set up, potential eBay entrepreneurs will need to consider such things as creating listings, handling customers and money and even shipping concerns. The name of the game on this site is customer service. Those who provide it and do it well tend to thrive. Those who don’t, don’t.

To help beginners just starting out with an eBay business, we’ll look at the basics. From setting up shop and creating listings to advice on handling customer service, it’s all very important if creating a successful eBay business is the goal.…

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Dallas Wedding Reception

The most important day of your life is drawing near and you want to plan it to perfection. Everything has to be just right, the chapel, the dresses, the food and most importantly the wedding reception. Specifically if you are planning a Dallas wedding reception, there are many areas that you need to look into in creating the right theme, the right ambiance as well as to ensure that all your guests' needs are taken care of.

The first thing in planning Dallas wedding receptions is the search for the right location. However, before you can make a list of probable venues, you first need to determine your budget for the occasion. If possible, it would be best if you could break your costs of the wedding reception to categories such as food, hall rentals, wedding favors, flower arrangements, music, etc. With this, you will then have an exact feel of what you can afford to pay for in rents. This will also put you in a better position for negotiations.

If you are on a tight budget then sometimes you should consider a Dallas wedding reception held in your own backyard. This way, you save on hall rental costs and do not have restrictions on catering your own food for the occasion. On the other hand, if you do have an adequate budget to spare then you have more choices in terms of the location.

A wedding reception in Dallas can be held in many types of venues. If you prefer to plan everything from scratch, then you could probably rent a basic hall. Then get relatives and friends to help you with hall decorations and food preparation, and get a separate vendor to rent your tables and chairs. With this, you can probably consider renting a school hall or your local town hall for this occasion.

Alternately, you can also inquire with halls that have been designed and built just for hosting wedding receptions. For example, the Cityplace is a great unique Dallas wedding reception location. They have incorporated a choice of classic design décor or a garden atmosphere during the daytime which is transformed into a starry night theme at night.

Especially for couples who have the right budget and have a preference for grandeur. Hall of State would probably be the most romantic venue to host both wedding ceremonies as well as wedding receptions in Dallas. This elegant hall boasts of facilities which are fit for royalty. It is truly the ultimate wedding venue for a grand wedding. The Grand Hall with the high ceilings and pillows flanked by wall art painting is just excellent for wedding ceremonies. In fact, the Hall of Heroes can be configured for a wedding reception after the wedding ceremony.

Finally, a common venue for a wedding reception in Dallas would be in a grand hotel, with accommodation provided for the out of town guests attending the wedding. For example, the Hotel Zaza in uptown Dallas is famous for their cuisine …

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Useful Shopping Cart Software Time-Saving Tips

Everyone is trying to save as much time as possible these days. Here are a few useful shopping cart software time-saving tips for beginners and existing merchants to consider.

Utilize Free Trial Periods

If you are thinking of starting up a new online store, just choose a few popular shopping cart software that you can easily locate using any search engine. Now the thing about shopping cart providers is that they want people to try out their software before confirming to pay subscription. That is something that existing merchants and new sellers can take full advantage of to fully utilize those free trial periods to build their online store. Trial periods range from 7 to 30 days free. Use that time wisely to quickly set up your store and test out all the features that are available. This will also help you decide on which ecommerce solution is better. It only takes a few days to get your store up if you have all your products ready.

Use Bulk Upload

Look for the bulk upload feature to upload all your categories and products at one shot. If you are not sure where that feature is located, contact your service provider to find out. This feature will save you heaps of time but you must make sure that you have all your products saved up in a file which is according to the format that is required by the ecommerce software. If in doubt, please try bulk uploading a few products first and check the results. If it works, you can then proceed to bulk upload all your products instead of uploading them one by one. Imagine if you have hundreds of products to upload and how much time that would save you.

Use A Drop Ship Company

If you would like to cut to the chase and start selling stuff fast, you may consider using a drop ship company. Find a shopping cart that already has a drop ship integrated into their solution. That way, you can sign up for a free trial with the shopping cart software provider, have access to the drop ship company's range of products, select what you are interested to sell and have all those products uploaded at one go into your store. This will save you plenty of time rather than you have to download all the products and upload them one by one into the shopping cart. Remember to change the pricing and you're all set to start selling since shipping is handled by the drop shipper.


There you have it. Some time-saving tips for merchants who are constantly pressed for time. This will also be very useful for new sellers to try out. …

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Wedding Rainbow Themes Are Meaningful, Whimsical and Beautiful

Rainbows have been forever a special symbol and of significance to people all over the world. So a rainbow wedding theme is a lovely way to start your new life.

Whether it be religious, Irish, Gay or you just love the song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" from the wizard of OZ a rainbow theme has a lot of possibilities for you to expand on.

I offer some ideas on how to use rainbow colors in many ways from wedding attire to the reception. The colors of the rainbow are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Why not keep a notebook ready and write down ideas as they come to you when you start planning for the big day? You can then go through them and see what you want to incorporate into your wedding day.

Wedding Invitations and Programs

Have your invitations done on a muted rainbow themed paper, do check out the internet for great looks and ideas.

Your wedding program is a fine way to continue your rainbow theme and again check the internet for ideas to help you.

This will be your way of letting your invited guests know what the theme of the day will be.

Wedding Attire

As the bride in your beautiful dress you will have all eyes on you as you start your walk down the aisle.

Think about the traditional white dress with a multicolored crinoline underskirt or a rainbow colored sash at the waist of a white dress would also be stunning.

Be really non-traditional and wear a dress in the rainbow colors.

Choose your favorite rainbow color and wear that in a solid colored dress.

Your bridesmaids in rainbow-colored dresses with lovely matching bouquets will definitely breathe life into your rainbow theme.

Another ideas is to have your maids in a sky blue dress and carry rainbow colors in their bouquets.

The groomsmen can continue the theme with the wearing of colorful ties and socks or cummerbunds.

A Rainbow Wedding Reception

Your wedding reception is the place to really have fun with a rainbow theme.

Let me suggest some ways to use your theme in an effective and lovely way.

Colorful ribbons or streamers hung from the ceiling over the dance floor to section it off in a very pretty way.

Paper lanterns in rainbow colors as hanging decor.

Rainbow colors in solid table cloths and / or napkins with rainbow graphics.

Strings of colored lights or change the light bulbs to rainbow colors to accent certain areas.

Your centerpieces would look simply super if you arrange confirmed shapes and sizes of candles in rainbow colors on reflective mirrors.

These are some of the things you might choose from and then again let your creative side run wild with this theme.

Rainbow Wedding Favors

For a more traditional favor candy in bright rainbow colors in clear packaging is an inexpensive and cheerful gift.

You can look for rainbow images on coasters or candles.

Have cookies made with the …

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